BRO Beard Balm Beard Conditioner

Want to up your beard game but not sure how?  You can start by incorporating our BRO beard balm into your daily facial grooming routine for the best results.

But why should you condition your beard in the first place?  Turns out it’s more important than you think.  Let’s face it – who wants a dry, unruly looking beard when you could have a soft, sophisticated one.  Just as you would protect the hair on your head, your beard needs the same love and affection.

That’s why here at BRO, we are proud to introduce our latest beard balm to our range of beard and hair grooming products.

Our blend of beard balm contains a unique fusion of 5 base creams, exotic waxes and 10 essential oils, offering all of the great benefits of a beard oil but with the additional benefit of some beard holding power.  Effectively a leave in conditioner, this hydrating agent is extremely rich in moisture and also replaces the oils lost when you wash with a beard soap or shampoo.

By using our beard balm, you are guaranteed a soft and healthy looking beard that protects against split ends whilst warding off itchiness and the dreaded dry skin ‘beardruff’ (think dandruff in the beard) alongside creating some texture which leaves your facial hair appearing thicker and fuller.

But that’s not all.  Not only does our beard balm nourish and tame your beards hold in place, it leaves you smelling great too.  With our bold, masculine scent of ‘Booze & Baccy’ and a contrasting, lighter and fresh fragrance of ‘Fruit Infusion’ you will catch subtle hints of aroma as you go about your day without it being overpowering.

A little of this balm goes a long way, so we recommend starting with a smaller amount than you think and gradually building up to achieve your desired effect.

With the balm creating the perfect foundations to promote a thicker, more luscious beard, you may also want to ensure the rest of your hair is in check and luckily BRO have got you covered.  Take a look at our other products if you want to look extra sharp, especially during this holiday season.

Product Warning:  This product may entice strangers to spontaneously compliment and touch your beard.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.