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Want to know why our teen hair pomades are selling out fast?  We are here to tell you.

Here at BRO, we know what it’s like being a teenager, we’ve been there and done that.  Worrying about exams, cramming in a lot of studying, staying on trend with the latest fashions, trying to attract that hot girl or guy you have been texting, all whilst avoiding your annoying siblings… it’s a lot to keep on top of!   But luckily having a cool, manageable hairstyle is no longer a problem thanks to our range of hair pomades specifically made for teens.

With teenagers today constantly on the go in a culture of social media and selfies, it’s even more pressure for you to always look and feel good, which is what we kept in mind when creating this range of hair product.  We even made sure our pomade would be suitable for all hair types and lengths so that nobody would be left out.

These water-based pomades make it super easy to style and wash out (for even the most inexperienced of user), with long lasting hold, definition and matte texture finish you will have no problem creating the look you want in seconds and keeping it intact for hours, which is ideal when a last minute DM pops up from your friends inviting you out.

Teens that want to take care of themselves and their appearance know that an effortless, low maintenance style is what attracts the most attention and by using one of our teen hair pomades in either Purple Grape or Cool Gucci (with the added Royal Hawaiian scent) it will have your friends and family wondering how you find the time to look and smell so good!

Further reasons why our teen pomades are proving popular with teenagers:

  • Contains natural ingredients such as beeswax and lanolin
  • Has no harsh chemicals
  • Smooth, lightweight texture which leaves no stiffness or residue
  • With Panthenol and Chamomile to nurture and protect the hair
  • Comes in an easily portable size of 20x20x20cm
  • Fuss free styling, simply by using fingers or a comb

So if you want to get your hands on one of our top selling teen hair pomades then head over to our online shop by clicking here – but make sure you do it quick, while sales still last!

**Purple Grape and Cool Gucci Now Available**